1 practical tip that can increase your chances of succeeding everyday

When I was learning how to drive, I had my great days, and my bad days. There were days I would drive like a pro, and other days when I would have trouble with simple gear shifts.

I kept wondering why this was the case. I kept thinking about what I was thinking and how I was driving and whether I was following my dad’s instructions right. I thought hard about how I could drive so well one day and be horribly bad on another. I couldn’t understand the inconsistency.

Then one day it occurred to me. I was looking at the wrong place. I was looking at my driving. The answer lay outside.

I found that I was a  genius driver on days when I had a win somewhere else. I was 18 then, and I was attending my first year of college. I realized that I was driving really well on days when I took a lot of wickets or scored runs (I was crazy about cricket), or if I had a good day at the quizzing club, or if I was in my favorite shirt. 🙂

And soon, another discovery followed.

I played better cricket on days when I drove well, or I was better at debating that day.

That’s when I realized that success was contagious. Not in the way that it spread from person to person. It spread from activity to activity.

This is called success momentum.

We have all heard of the success momentum already. Remember the saying “success begets success.”, Who or what did you think of when you heard the saying? Bill Gates, Ambani, or the next door rich neighbour?  🙂 You might have thought. “Yes. It’s true. Successful people become more successful. The rich become richer”

I will not argue with this. Yes, the odds to succeed at something increases if you are already successful at something else, and there is a reason for it.

But, where we are wrong is at a different point. When we hear “success begets success”, we think only of those big successes. A million dollar company, a jet setting CEO, or an all achieving athlete. We don’t realize that this adage applies to every kind of success. From the tiniest to the biggest.

That means, if you are successful at parking your car perfectly, it automatically increases your chances of giving a kickass presentation soon after.

Or if you are successful at just doing those 10 pushups in the morning, the chances of closing that sale is really high.

The dominoes affect
The dominoes affect

Success begets success. A win increases the odds of another win. This is true for even the smallest of the wins. It’s a natural process and there is a physiological reason to it (I am not going into the details of chemicals in the brain right now).

But I am going to tell you how you can get this to work to your advantage?

You do it by being intentional about small wins.  Plan your small wins. Don’t just hope that they happen. I would say, plan for a small win in the morning. Something really tiny (10 push ups in the morning, or writing 5 lines or rehearsing that dance routine for 10 minutes). And this win will propel your day forward.

One small win will give you enough confidence for another one, this one for another, and then another, and so on till it becomes an unstoppable juggernaut of wins.

So, get a small win today, and see how the day goes. Let me know if success momentum is working for you.