Can’t find your passion? Here’s one thing that will help.

Estimated reading time: 3.5 minutes.

I am a language trainer. I love training. I can say that training is my passion. It fires me up.

But I didn’t plan on being a trainer. Actually I was against being one. It happened by an accident. And I am happy it did.

So, is there a trick? can you also make the accident happen?

I would say yes.

Before we come back to that question, let me ask you another one.

How will you know that playing a guitar is your passion if you have never played one? Or clay painting, or cricket commentary, or writing?

Or from another angle, what are the chances of finding your perfect partner if you have never met or spoken to him or her. And what are the chances of finding him/her if you only know only a dozen people your entire life? I would say ‘very low’

Finding your passion is also a little like that.

If all you do are 3 or 4 things that you keep repeating day after day, month after month, and year after year, you might just end up never finding that one thing you love to your core.

And if you are one of those who think it is worth finding your passion, you have to be ready to do one thing.

Explore new things.

This is exactly what worked in my case. As a 22 year old, I was something like the character of Jim Carrey in the movie Yes Man. Say yes to everything. University politics – Yes. New language – Yes. Part-time projects – Yes. I kept saying yes to anything that came my way. It is one of those Yeses that first took me in front of a group of students as a trainer. There was no looking back from there.

I am not asking you to be a Yes Man. I am asking another thing.

Explore new things.

I found my passion because I was open to new things. If I hadn’t taken up that project, I would have never realized that I was a good trainer. I would have never realized that I love being in front of an audience.

If you are serious about finding your passion, this is one things you have to do. Explore new things.

Make it a habit to explore/ do new things. Join that guitar class you have been thinking of. Or start learning the new language you always wanted to, or take that trip you have always wanted to take. If one doesn’t work, try another, if not, yet another. Keep going at it.

Keep exploring. Discover new paths. You might just meet your passion at the next turn.

And it’s worth it.

NB: If you already know what your passion is, then you might also know that you can have more than one passion.